Fear cancels Jan. 29 SB protest & Heath Ledger tragedy

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From: "Lanny" <lanny@marijuananews.org>
To: <smkrider@insightbb.com>
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 1:50 AM
Subject: Fear cancels Jan. 29 SB protest & Heath Ledger tragedy

> Hi Everyone,
> Due to the overriding concern to keep the likelihood of JoAnn and
> Rich from going to jail, we have decided to cancel the planned
> Tuesday, January 29 Speak-In at the San Bernardino County Board of
> Supervisors.
> It was brought to our attention by Dege of the Patient Advocacy
> Network that there has been more than just one case where local
> police/prosecutors have turned the case over to the DEA because they
> were being humiliated in public for their prosecution of legitimate
> medical marijuana patients. Turning the case over to the DEA is done
> to retaliate for their public defeat as in federal court the
> defendants are not allowed to use the words “medical” and
> “marijuana” in conjunction with each other. Hence conviction is
> almost always a fait accompli.
> Our decision to cancel the speak-in demonstrates the increasing
> ability of police to control our lives through the use of intimidation
> and terror tactics. In the case of law enforcement (local, state and
> federal) not only have they terrorized our local elected officials by
> threatening to arrest them if they pass any laws allowing medicinal
> marijuana in their communities, threatened business owners with raids
> and loss of federal contracts if they allow their employees to use
> marijuana medicinally and threatened doctors with loss of their
> prescription writing licenses if they recommend marijuana, they now
> threaten to retaliate against private citizens if they disapprove of
> anything that is said about medical marijuana in front of their
> elected officials.
> That is what law enforcement does to get its way – it threatens
> people – what makes it even more odious in the case of the McCabes is
> that they are threatening the McCabes if SOMEONE ELSE speaks out. Not
> content with the tools at hand to threaten elected officials, doctors
> and business owners, they now resort to hostage taking in order to
> silence private citizens.
> Although there is a certain cathartic experience in standing before
> your elected officials and castigating them for being oblivious to
> horrors that they have caused, we have to temper it with reality and
> recognize the extreme powers we have granted these people over our
> lives and hence must tread carefully. We are doing everything we can
> to keep JoAnn and Rich out of jail and so we certainly don’t want to
> do anything that would piss the powers-that-be off.
> The current lawsuit that San Diego and San Bernardino Counties are
> pursuing to overturn Prop. 215 started as a result of a comment made
> by a concerned citizen speaking before the San Diego County Board of
> Supervisors threatening a lawsuit over their refusal to issue the
> state mandated ID cards. Remember these lawsuits don’t cost the
> Supervisors a dime of their own money- it’s all taxpayer’s money
> they are spending to salve their injured psyches.
> A suggestion – how about sending a donation to the McCabe Defense
> Fund equal to the amount of gas you saved by not going to the
> Speak-In. If it was a 40-mile drive to San Bernardino and your car
> gets 20 mpg, and gas is $3.00 gallon – you saved $12 in gas by not
> going. Send the McCabe’s $10 and you still come out $2 ahead minus
> the cathartic experience in front of the San Bernardino Board of
> Supervisors.
> Send your Gas Saved In Lieu of Going to San Bernardino and Having a
> Cathartic Experience donation to: MAPP McCabe Defense Fund, PO Box
> 739, Palm Springs CA 92263 or go to http://www.marijuananews.org
> <http://www.marijuananews.org/&gt;
> and scroll down to the donate button below the picture of JoAnn and
> Rich.
> Calendar of Meetings and Events – wow – is there stuff happening
> or what!
> Thursday, Jan. 31 at 6:30 p.m. – JoAnn and Rich Fundraising meeting
> for the Western Inland Empire at the THCF Medical Clinic, 647 N. Main
> St., Riverside 92501.
> Saturday, Feb. 2 at 3:00 p.m. – Monthly Coachella Valley MAPP
> meeting at the Cathedral City Library, 33520 Date Palm Drive.
> Saturday, Feb. 9 at 1 p.m. – Monthly High desert MAPP meeting at
> the Red Barn Feed Store at 350 Old Woman’s Springs Road (Hwy 247) in
> Flamingo Heights.
> Saturday, Feb. 10 at 3 p.m. – JoAnn and Rich McCabe Defense Fund
> Benefit Show and Auction, Copykatz Show Room at 210 S. Palm Canyon at
> Areans Rd. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at http://www.copykatz.com
> <http://www.copykatz.com/&gt;
> or by calling Copykatz at 760-864-9293. You can also purchase
> tickets from me by calling 760-799-2055.
> Although we won’t be educating our elected officials and the public
> this Tuesday, there will be other events and actions that you can
> participate in. Watch your emails for information.
> I was just about to end this email when I heard a news story on the
> TV news about the recent death of actor Heath Ledger from an overdose
> of prescription meds. None of the stories previously had revealed just
> what those prescription meds were. This story stated that they were
> meds for insomnia and anxiety – two ailments that humanity has used
> marijuana to provide safe, effective relief for thousands of years.
> How many people have died and their health destroyed because our
> nation’s prohibition laws made it impossible for them to have access
> to this ancient herbal medicine? How many people have died and their
> health destroyed because our medical professionals have cloaked
> themselves in their doctor’s white coats and refused to stand up and
> demand that cannabis be returned to our nation’s medicine cabinets?
> How many more people in your community must suffer the same fate as
> Heath Ledger before you will stand up and help bring an end to this
> insanity?
> Lanny
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