Keeping Great Grandma Out of Jail

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Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:43 PM
Subject: Keeping Great Grandma Out of Jail

> Hello Everyone,
> The opponents of allowing the medicinal use of marijuana know full
> well the horrors they inflict on patients and they use it without
> mercy. Beginning with Marty and Lavonne Victor and Venia Labeaux,
> there have been untold numbers of innocent victims of the reefer
> madness mentality of Inland Empire law enforcement.
> Craig Canada, Sarah Flowers, Milo Ruiz, David Markarian, Gene Ford,
> Ryan Michaels are just a few of our community’s medical marijuana
> patients to have their lives turned upside down due to the lack of
> compassion and common sense by our local elected officials whose
> refusal to uphold our state’s medical marijuana law allows the
> reefer madness to go on and on and on. It continues today with Gary
> Silva, Ronnie Nauls, Stacey Hochanadel and now Joann and Rich McCabe.
> Notice that none of the above names were wealthy individuals who
> would have the resources to hire the legal teams to mount a swift and
> effective defense. Our opponents know that the patients they attack
> will not present any real threat to their power. They see the real
> threat to their power as a public understanding that substance abuse
> problems should be dealt with by the health care professionals and not
> by cops and lawyers. They see a slippery slope and fear a rebirth of
> sanity in our nation and the resultant abolition of the inhumane and
> inept prohibition laws that has so enriched and bloated our criminal
> justice system. They believe, and I believe rightly so, that if the
> nation comes to understand the insanity of our marijuana laws, then as
> surely as night follows day, they will come to understand the
> senselessness of our demented prohibition laws.
> Considering that there are thousands of medical marijuana patients in
> the Inland Empire, I guess it is comforting to know that the
> likelihood of running afoul of law enforcement is very low. Yet the
> slight chance of entanglement paralyzes our community with fear they
> might become the next victim. As a result, patients whose luck has run
> out and find themselves entangled in the criminal justice system
> receive only a minimum of comfort and support from the patients and
> advocates of medicinal cannabis.
> The arrest and prosecution of Joann and Rich McCabe is the latest
> travesty of our justice system and represents a new low San Bernardino
> County law enforcement. It wasn’t enough that they invaded their
> home, seized all their medicine and uprooted their garden, but they
> also handcuffed them and held them in jail until their children came
> to bail them out.
> These are not dangerous hardened criminals who threaten the safety of
> our valiant police officers. They are elderly folks with the ailments
> commonly found in people of advancing years. You don’t handcuff,
> transport in the back of a squad car and toss into a jail cell, people
> whose health is dependent upon maintaining a steady equilibrium.
> Elderly people’s equilibrium can easily be upset and that can have
> severe consequences. That’s one of the problems of getting old.
> That’s why you treat older people with care. That’s why you
> don’t arrest, handcuff and toss into jail great grandma and grandpa.
> Unless of course you want to send a message to any other great
> grandmother out there that is thinking of using marijuana to treat her
> arthritis that she better think again.
> Joann and Rich were role models for responsible medical marijuana
> patients. They regularly attended MAPP meetings, donated money from
> their limited income, grew their own medicine, helped other patients
> learn to grow their own medicine, attended county board and city
> council meetings, worked with a high desert medical marijuana
> collective to help patients obtain their medicine and provided court
> support to patients whose entanglement in the criminal justice system
> foreshadowed what eventually befell them.
> Patients entangled in the criminal justice system deserve and need
> our help. Too often in the past, we have fallen down in providing that
> help. This time we must stand up. Joann and Rich need us. San
> Bernardino District Attorney Michael Ramos wants to imprison them for
> up to three years and has assigned a special prosecutor to the case to
> make sure they succeed in putting this 74-year-old great grandmother
> in jail.
> JoAnn and Rich McCabe live in the high desert in a mobile home near
> Old Women’s Springs road on the way to Landers. It is not known as a
> high rent district. With a special prosecutor assigned to the case,
> they will need a lawyer steeped in medical marijuana law – not an
> overworked, underpaid and understaffed public defender. They need
> $5,000 to hire such a lawyer.
> You can help.
> And have a great time doing it.
> On Sunday, February 10 at 3 p.m, Elyse Del Francia-Goodwin, owner of
> Copykatz Showroom, is hosting a Defense Fund Benefit Show and Auction
> to raise as many $$$$ as they can for Joann and Rich. Copykatz is the
> new sensational showroom in downtown Palm Springs featuring the most
> incredible celebrity impersonators this side of Las Vegas.
> The show at Copykatz is Las Vegas quality as it features Kenny Kerr,
> whose long-time Las Vegas strip revue, Boy-lesque, set a Las Vegas
> record for the longest running show and lead to Mr. Kerr’s induction
> into the Las Vegas Hall of Fame. As a comedian, singer and celebrity
> female impersonator, Kenny Kerr has few equals.
> To show support, many of the merchants in downtown Palm Springs are
> helping to raise defense funds for the McCabe’s. One of our long
> time supporters, Joy Meredith, owner of Crystal Fantasy and president
> of the Downtown Business Owners Association, will be helping to
> coordinate donations of auction items as well as encouraging
> businesses to donate 10% of their proceeds on Sunday, February 10 to
> their defense fund.
> Here is your chance to support Joann and Rich, see a great show and
> celebrate with people who have the same compassion and common sense as
> you – people who are medical marijuana patients and advocates –
> people who believe in the rights of the individual and the sanctity of
> our constitutional principles.
> You can do it all for only $20! You read it right – only $20!!!
> There are only a limited number of tickets available and I am hopeful
> that this will sell out so don’t delay and get your tickets now.
> There are three ways to order tickets.
> Go to <;
> Call Copykatz at 760-864-9293
> Go to the Copykatz boxoffice at 210 S. Palm Canyon Dr.
> Send a check or money order to MAPP, PO Box 739, Palm Springs CA
> 92263
> Of course, if you can’t make the show and/or if you want to make a
> separate donation above and beyond $20, there are several ways that
> can be done too.
> Go to our website,
> <;
> and scroll down to the picture of Joann and Rich and then scroll a
> little further to the DONATE button. Click on the DONATE button and it
> will take you to Paypal where you can make a secure donation to the
> Joann and Rich McCabe Defense Fund.
> Write a check or money made out to MAPP McCabe Defense Fund and mail
> it to MAPP, PO Box 739, Palm Springs CA 92263.
> Call me at 760-799-2055 and I will arrange to stop by in person or
> have one of our volunteers stop by and pick up your donation.
> We also need items for the auction. If you have something of value to
> donate, send me an email or give me a call at 760-799-2055.
> We also need a couple volunteers to distribute posters and flyers for
> the Joann and Rich Defense Fund Benefit Show and Auction. If you have
> a couple hours that you can drive around and distribute some flyers
> please contact me ASAP.
> $5,000 is really not that much money. For most organizations it is a
> piddling amount, but MAPP has never tried to raise that much money in
> so short a period of time before. Even though there are many very
> wealthy individuals in the Inland Empire and although many of them use
> marijuana and understand the health and legal importance of marijuana
> law reform, they have not ventured to the forefront to support our
> cause. We have only you to support us.
> I would hope that after being at the forefront of medical marijuana
> advocacy in the Inland Empire that we would have reached the plateau
> that when our folks need our support, we could offer it to them.
> Surely, Joann and Rich are those kind of folks.
> If the idea of handcuffing a great grandma and hauling her off to
> jail irks you enough to want to speak out as well, there is a golden
> opportunity fast approaching. On Tuesday, January 29, patients,
> advocates and other pissed off people will be going to the weekly
> meeting of the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors. During the public
> comment section, you can join us in telling the Board about how their
> arrogant and despotic refusal to allow the SB Health Dept. to issue
> the mmj ID cards resulted in the arrest and prosecution of two elderly
> residents of San Bernardino County.
> You can also informed them that they are wasting hundreds of
> thousands of taxpayer dollars in their frivolous lawsuit to overturn
> Proposition 215 and by refusing to obey California law, they are
> sending the wrong message to children.
> During the public comment section of the meeting, each speaker is
> allowed 3 minutes to let the Board know of their concerns. We have
> done this several times before and although it seems that we are
> talking to a wall, it is always a very cathartic experience. This
> time, however, the McCabe’s will be with us and the Board will have
> to face the very people their ill-conceived opposition to Prop. 215
> has injured. Even if you don’t’ want to speak, coming out and
> showing your support is very important.
> To discourage citizens from taken advantage of this opportunity to
> address the Board, the public comment section comes at the end of the
> meeting and that can be variable. Sometimes the meeting ends in the
> morning – other times the public comment section doesn’t take
> place until the early afternoon. There is no way of knowing so we show
> up at 10 a.m. and we protest the Boards actions with an informational
> picket line in front of the San Bernardino County Government Center
> Building where the Board of Supervisors meets. When the time comes for
> the public comment section, we head into the meeting room and make our
> presentations.
> Sometimes we get press coverage and sometimes we don’t. I believe
> that this time the press will be there – including media reporters
> from Los Angeles. I mean it isn’t every day that a great grandma
> gets taken to jail for legally using marijuana medicinally and
> citizens come out to protest such scurrilous police actions.
> So in addition to helping Joann and Rich get a good defense lawyer,
> you can also lecture some elected officials as to their responsibility
> to the voters, to California’s constitution and to just plain common
> decency. Prepare a 3-minute presentation and join us Tuesday, Jan. 29
> at 10 a.m. in front of the San Bernardino County Government Center
> Building at 385 North Arrowhead Avenue, San Bernardino, CA.
> If you are in the eastern parts of the Inland Empire and are
> interested in carpooling, there are two locations to meet.
> High Desert – meet at 8 a.m. at the Food for Less parking lot
> between Carl Jr’s and Kragen’s.
> Coachella Valley – meet at the Denny’s parking lot on Indian Ave.
> just off I-10 at 9 a.m.
> If you want more information on the Board of Supervisors
> presentation, call Red Toph at 619-497-1561.
> Joann and Rich are the featured guests on my radio show –
> Marijuana, Compassion and Common Sense – this Thursday, January 24
> at 7 p.m. on radio station KCAA 1050 am. You can also hear the show on
> the Internet via live simulcast at
> <;
> . Just click on the LISTEN LIVE button at the top of the KCAA home
> page. You can watch and listen if you like by clicking on the KCAATV
> button on the left hand column. It’s a live talk show so you can
> call in and speak with Joann and Rich during the show by calling
> 1-888-909-1050.
> No matter where you are, but especially if you are in the western
> portions of the Inland Empire, you should plan to attend the next mmj
> patient support group and law reform meeting on Sunday, Jan. 27 at 1
> p.m. at the new THCF Medical Clinic. We will finalize plans for the
> Tuesday, Jan. 29 Speak-In at the SB Supervisors meeting and discuss
> other issues of interest including the formation of coops and
> collectives in western portions of the Inland Empire.
> The THCF Clinic and Patient Center is located in the northern part of
> the city of Riverside at 647 N. Main Street, suite 1B. Pull into the
> parking lot and look for the big sign THCF Medical Clinic over the
> clinic’s entrance door. Everyone is welcome whether they are
> patients or not and you are encouraged to bring friends, family,
> co-workers and even complete strangers to the meeting.
> There is so much you can do to show your support and help Joann and
> Rich. Will you?
> **Lanny**
> Email: <>
> Phone: 760-799-2055
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