Female impersonators help keep great grandma out of jail

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Subject: Female impersonators help keep great grandma out of jail

> Female & celebrity impersonators at CopyKatz Show Bar to stage
> benefit to keep great grandma out of jail
> Show and auction seeks to raise $5,000 to pay a lawyer to defend
> senior citizen medicinal marijuana patients JoAnn and Rich McCabe
> arrested by San Bernardino sheriff’s officers
> CONTACT: Lanny Swerdlow at 760-799-2055.
> **FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 8, 2008**
> Like many high desert senior citizens, JoAnn and Rich McCabe find
> that marijuana provides safe, effective symptomatic relief for the
> ailments of advancing years and use it specifically to manage their
> arthritis, insomnia and chronic back and joint pain. For following
> state law and doing what the voters of California said they could do,
> they are now paying a terrible price – a price they cannot afford.
> The San Bernardino District Attorney’s office wants to put them in
> jail for up to three years and has assigned a special prosecutor to
> the case to make sure the 74-year-old great grandma does time. JoAnn
> and Rich McCabe live in the high desert in a mobile home near Old
> Women’s Springs Road on the way to Landers. It is not an area known
> for the density of upper income residences. With a special prosecutor
> assigned to the case, they will need a lawyer steeped in medical
> marijuana law – a specialty sorely lacking in the public defenders
> office that is more use to defending robbers, car thieves,
> prostitutes, drug prohibition violators and drunk drivers than elderly
> medicinal marijuana patients.
> Lanny Swerdlow, director of the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project,
> states “unfortunately lawyers with the knowledge to defend medical
> marijuana patients do not come cheap – reasonable maybe, but not
> cheap. We need to raise $5,000 immediately to retain a lawyer. I have
> never tried to raise that much money before so we are very grateful
> that the owner, performers and staff of CopyKatz Showbar have
> volunteered to host a defense fundraiser to keep great grandma out of
> jail.”
> Elyse Del Francia-Goodwin, owner of CopyKatz Showroom and Backstage
> Bistro is outraged at the arrest of two senior citizens, especially a
> great grandmother and has offered to hold a spectacular fundraiser at
> CopyKatz.
> Elyse is no stranger to the medicinal use of marijuana and says she
> owes a debt of gratitude to marijuana for the relief it brought her
> husband who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Marijuana was the
> only thing that worked. It controlled his non-stop tremors and gave
> him relief from his agonizing muscle weakness and helped prevent falls
> that were always terrifying to Elyse. Her husband’s use of marijuana
> made life bearable for both of them.
> Elyse’s husband was not a criminal and neither are the McCabe’s.
> To that end, on Sunday, February 3 at 3 p.m. Elyse is hosting a McCabe
> Defense Fund fundraiser for the CopyKatz. The female and celebrity
> impersonators of CopyKatz are going to put on one very special show
> with the most outrageous auction ever held in the Coachella Valley.
> Everyone who comes to the fundraiser will have a great time and can
> feel great about keeping a great grandma out of jail.
> In addition to the sensational performers at CopyKatz, many of the
> merchants in downtown Palm Springs are helping to raise defense funds
> for the McCabes. Joy Meredith, owner of Crystal Fantasy and president
> of the Downtown Business Owners Association, will be helping to
> coordinate donations of auction items as well as encouraging
> businesses to donate 10% of their proceeds on Sunday, February 3 to
> their defense fund. “I would have trouble sleeping at night if I
> didn’t do something to help keep grandma out of jail.”
> The benefit JoAnn and Rich McCabe Defense Fund fundraiser will be
> held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, February 3 at the CopyKatz Showroom and
> Backstage Bistro located at 210 South Palm Canyon in downtown Palm
> Springs. The event is open to the general public. A $20 cover charge
> to attend will be requested with all funds from the cover charge and
> auction going directly to the defense fund.
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