Happy New Year, benefit @ CopyCatz for Rich & Joanne, Riverside Patient Group mtg on the 13th

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Subject: 1/7/08 – Happy New Year, benefit @ CopyCatz for Rich & Joanne,
Riverside Patient Group mtg on the 13th

> Hello Everyone,
> No doubt this is going to be a momentous year – maybe even a make
> it or break it year. Legally there are so many court cases, voter
> initiatives and even quite a bit of legislation in our favor, we
> should most assuredly continue seeing progress. Even though there will
> always be some steps backward, overall we should continue to gain
> ground.
> This is especially true with 2008 being an election year with medical
> marijuana being one of those issues that apparently divide Republicans
> from Democrats. Thanks to the relentless paparazzi-like efforts of the
> Marijuana Policy Project, we know that every current Republican
> presidential candidate, except for Ron Paul, wants the DEA to continue
> arresting medical marijuana patients and every Democratic presidential
> candidate publicly stating that the raids must stop – some more
> forcefully than the others, but they all agree on the general idea
> that the feds should not be doing this. For more info on the
> presidential candidates go to: http://granitestaters.com/candidates/
> I don’t like making the suggestion that one of your new year
> resolutions could be to do something to enhance the status of
> medicinal marijuana because most new year’s resolution never get
> past the month of January before they are forgotten. But then again
> marijuana keeps on giving all year long and every time you experience
> the benefits of marijuana (either on your own or knowing about its
> multiple benefits), perhaps you will want to give to help marijuana so
> it can continue to help you and your community.
> To keep you informed how you can give, I will continue to keep you
> informed on what I learn about our local officials positions on
> medicinal marijuana and marijuana law reform. One of the most
> important things you can do is to cast your vote for candidates who
> support our positions. And when you get the information you need to
> make an informed decision on a candidate, share that information with
> your family, friends, co-workers and the person at the drive-up window
> at your favorite fast-food outlet.
> Calling an elected official is also something easy to do – it just
> takes a 60 second phone call. Writing a SHORT (under 200 words) letter
> to the editor of your local newspaper is phenomenal. They almost
> always get printed and are seen by tens of thousands of people who
> actively stay informed on the issues they will be voting on in the
> next election.
> Critically important is to make the time to attend any one of the
> three monthly meetings of your local medical marijuana patient support
> group and law reform organization. That’s right – THREE. I am so
> proud to announce that in addition to meetings at the Cathedral City
> Library and at the Red Barn Feed Store above Yucca Valley, we will now
> be meeting in Riverside in patient center classroom of the THCF
> Medical Clinic.
> We just had our meeting at the Cathedral City Library last Saturday
> and it was very well attended. JoAnn and Rich McCabe spoke about their
> arrest and their upcoming court dates (more about the McCabes later in
> this newsletter). Ed Disney presented an initiative petition authored
> by cannabis legend Jack Herer to legalize possession and cultivation
> of personal amounts of marijuana.
> If you didn’t make that one, there are two more meetings this month
> and each one is dealing with important issues.
> On Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 7 p.m., the High Desert Chapter of MAPP will
> be meet to discuss their planned Tuesday, January 29 presentation
> before the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors. With the arrest of
> JoAnn and Rich McCabe directly related to the Board’s refusal to
> allow the San Bernardino County Health Department to issue the state
> mandated ID cards, it is time to once again call our elected officials
> to task for not just failing to enforce state law, not just for
> wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in a frivolous
> lawsuit to overturn Prop. 215, but because their refusal to issue the
> ID cards means the dastardly San Bernardino DA’s office can continue
> to put great grandma and others in jail.
> A planned fundraiser at a local high desert venue for JoAnn and Rich
> will also be discussed and planned. This and much more all takes place
> around the Red Barn Feed Store’s pot bellied stove at the meeting
> this Wednesday, January 9 at 7 p.m. The Red Barn Feed Store is located
> at 350 S. Old Woman Springs Road (Hwy. 247) in Flamingo Heights.
> I am really excited by the meeting to be held on Sunday, January 13
> at 1 p.m. We have made several attempts in the past to hold meetings
> in the Riverside area, but they always faltered. This time we have
> succeeded and everyone is encouraged to attend our first meeting in
> Riverside. The meeting will be held in the classroom located in the
> newly opened THCF Medical Clinic. The clinic is the only nearby
> medical facility providing medicinal marijuana recommendations to
> patients in western portions of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
> Dege Coutee, President and Education Director of the Los Angeles
> based Patient Advocacy Network, will present an informative afternoon
> covering the nuts and bolts of patient organizations and protecting
> patients rights. It is hoped that people attending the meeting will
> build upon her presentation to create an effective and viable
> organization right in the belly of the beast that is able to defend,
> protect and enhance patient rights while developing safe, reliable and
> affordable access to medicinal marijuana.
> It’s a tall order but harping back to the beginning of this
> newsletter – this is going to be a momentous year and one of the
> reasons it can be is because of this new group. With ten times the
> population base of the Coachella Valley and High Desert, major
> accomplishments can be achieved if we can activate the activists to
> take charge.
> That’s what the meeting is all about and I encourage everyone who
> can make the trip into Riverside, to do so. Plus you will be at the
> newly opened THCF Medical Clinic and Patient Center. One of the most
> exciting parts of the clinic is the patient classroom equipped with
> state of the art multi-media capabilities including large screen video
> and audio presentations. Their patient classroom is designed to
> educate the general public about the health and medical benefits of
> cannabis as well as provide patients with classes on cannabis cooking,
> making medicinal preparations such as oils and balms, cultivation
> instruction, preparing the various forms of marijuana such as hashish
> (which is especially important if you do not want to exceed the eight
> ounce limit on the amount of marijuana you can possess) and other
> cannabis related issues.
> It may be an hour or so drive for many of you, but you know it will
> be well worth your time to take a Sunday drive and come on out to the
> beautiful northern part of the city of Riverside for this meeting.
> Mark your calendar now – Sunday, January 13 at 1 p.m. at the THCF
> Medical Clinic at 647 N. Main Street.
> I have discussed a lot of things you can do in this newsletter –
> voting, phoning, writing, and attending meetings. These are things you
> can do in the future – the not to distant future I hope. There is,
> however, something you can do RIGHT NOW. You can help keep a
> 74-year-old great grandma out of jail by going to our website at
> http://www.marijuananews.org <http://www.marijuananews.org/&gt;
> and scrolling down the home page to the picture of JoAnn and Rich
> McCabe. By clicking on the picture you can view an interview I did
> with the JoAnn and Rich for our TV show.
> After viewing the video (or before or during or anytime you want),
> you can click on the DONATE button located below their picture and
> send a generous donation to their defense fund. JoAnn and Rich need a
> good defense and they won’t get it from the overworked, underpaid
> and understaffed public defender’s office.
> Like many of you and like many high desert senior citizens, JoAnn and
> Rich McCabe find that marijuana provides safe, effective symptomatic
> relief for the ailments of advancing year and use it specifically to
> manage their arthritis, insomnia and chronic back and joint pain. For
> following state law and doing what the voters of California said they
> could do, they are now paying a terrible price – a price they cannot
> afford.
> The San Bernardino District Attorney’s office wants to put them in
> jail for up to three years and has assigned a special prosecutor to
> the case to make sure the 74-year-old great grandma does time. JoAnn
> and Rich McCabe live in the high desert in a mobile home near Old
> Women’s Springs road on the way to Landers. It is not an area known
> for the density of upper income residences. With a special prosecutor
> assigned to the case, they will need a lawyer steeped in medical
> marijuana law – a specialty sorely lacking in the public defenders
> office that is more use to defending robbers, car thieves,
> prostitutes, drug prohibition violators and drunk drivers than elderly
> medicinal marijuana patients.
> Unfortunately lawyers with the knowledge to defend medical marijuana
> patients do not come cheap – reasonable maybe, but not cheap. We
> need to raise $5,000 immediately to retain a lawyer. That is why we
> need your help right now. We need you to go to http://www.marijuananews.org
> <http://www.marijuananews.org/&gt;
> and click on the DONATE button located below JoAnn and Rich’s
> picture and send a generous donation to their defense so that they do
> not get sent to jail.
> Please note that when you make the donation on the website via PayPal
> there will be a shipping and handling fee added to the donation. None
> of this fee goes to PayPal – it all goes to the defense fund. Our
> webmasters having been trying valiantly to get it deleted but have not
> figured out how to do it yet (if anyone out there knows how to correct
> this, let me know and I will forward them the information).
> But like I said, none of it goes to PayPal so the shipping and
> handling fee is just part of your donation to the McCabe’s defense
> fund. How PayPal figures the amount of the shipping and handling
> charge is beyond me, but it seems to be somewhere around 10% to 20% of
> what you donate. So donate a little less than you want and the
> shipping and handling charge will bring it up to about what you want.
> Hopefully we will have this corrected soon, but please don’t wait
> till then. JoAnn and Rich need the $$$ now because if we can’t get
> them the funds to retain a capable attorney, then they will be relying
> on the crapshoot public defender system and a great grandmother
> deserves better than that.
> $5,000 may not sound like that much, but I have never tried to raise
> that much money before so I am very grateful that the owner,
> performers and staff of CopyKatz Showbar have volunteered to host a
> defense fundraiser to keep great grandma out of jail.
> Elyse Del Francia-Goodwin, owner of CopyKatz Showroom and Backstage
> Bistro, is looking forward to hosting this fundraiser. I spoke with
> her the other day and she is aghast at the idea of arresting two
> senior citizens and a great grandmother at that. She want to do
> whatever she can to help and with the help of CopyKatz’s female and
> celebrity impersonators, a significant amount of funds can be raised.
> Elyse is no stranger to the medicinal use of marijuana and says she
> owes a debt of gratitude to marijuana for the relief it brought her
> husband who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. She tells me that
> marijuana was the only thing that worked as it controlled his non-stop
> tremors. It also gave him relief from his agonizing muscle weakness
> and helped prevent falls that were always terrifying to her. Marijuana
> use by Elyse’s husband made life bearable for both of them.
> Elyse’s husband was not a criminal and neither are the McCabe’s.
> In addition to the performers of CopyKatz, many of the merchants in
> downtown Palm Springs are helping to raise defense funds for the
> McCabes. One of our long time supporters, Joy Meredith, owner of
> Crystal Fantasy and president of the Downtown Business Owners
> Association, will be helping to coordinate donations of auction items
> as well as encouraging businesses to donate 10% of their proceeds on
> Sunday, February 3 to their defense fund. Joy tells me she “would
> have trouble sleeping at night if I didn’t do something to help keep
> grandma out of jail.”
> The benefit defense fund fundraiser will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday,
> February 3 at the CopyKatz Showroom and Backstage Bistro located at
> 210 South Palm Canyon in downtown Palm Springs. The event is open to
> the general public so everyone is encouraged to come. A $20 cover
> charge will be requested but it is worth every penny of it since every
> penny of the cover charge and auction goes directly to the McCabe
> defense fund.
> But don’t wait till then – the defense needs your help now. Go to
> http://www.marijuananews.org <http://www.marijuananews.org/&gt;
> . If you prefer, you can also make a donation by making a check out
> to MAPP (write in the memo portion – “McCabe defense fund”) and
> sending it to:
> MAPP, PO Box 739, Palm Springs CA 92263.
> This is my first email of the New Year. Make my day, make the
> McCabe’s day and ruin the SB DA’s day by making a donation today
> to the JoAnn and Rich McCabe Defense Fund.
> If you have any questions, need more information or have some great
> ideas on how you can help the McCabe defense, send me an email or give
> me a call at 760-799-2055.
> Lanny
> P.S. Don’t forget about our radio and TV shows –
> Marijuana – Compassion and Common Sense –The TV Show
> Coachella Valley – Tuesday, Friday, Saturday night at 10 p.m. on
> cable channel 99.
> Morongo Valley to 29 Palms – Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on cable channel
> 111.
> Invite your friends who don’t have cable over for a Marijuana –
> Compassion and Common Sense Party.
> Marijuana – Compassion and Common Sense – The Radio Show
> Western Riverside and San Bernardino Counties – Thursday night at 7
> p.m. on radio station KCAA, 1050 AM.
> On the worldwide web at http://www.kcaaradio.com <http://www.kcaaradio.com/&gt;
> At the top of the homepage click on LISTEN LIVE button or if you
> want to listen and see me in the studio, click on the KCAATV button in
> the left hand column.
> This is an interactive talk show so call in with you comments and
> questions anytime during the show at the toll free number of
> 1-888-909-1050 or the local line of 909-888-KCAA (5222).
> Coming soon – Marijuana – Compassion and Common Sense – The
> Movie!
> (but don’t hold your breath).
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