Israel: Clinic Offers Puff of Relief for Chronically Ill

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> Source: Jerusalem Post (Israel)
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> Author: Miriam Bulwar David-Hay
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> A Tel Aviv medical clinic has quietly begun giving marijuana to cancer and
> AIDS sufferers, legally and with Health Ministry approval, reports Yediot
> Tel Aviv. The move, the first of its kind in Israel, is aimed at
> alleviating the pain suffered by the chronically and seriously ill.
> According to the report, the clinic began giving the drug to suffering
> patients about six months ago. By Israeli law, marijuana can legally be
> used as a medicine if a patient obtains a special license from the Health
> Ministry. The drug is approved only for patients with cancer, AIDS or
> Crohn’s Disease (a chronic gastro-intestinal illness), and aims to help
> ease the chronic pain they suffer from the illnesses or as side-effects of
> treatments for the diseases. The clinic – which the Health Ministry has
> refused to identify publicly, reportedly either to prevent protests or to
> keep criminal elements away – gives out the drug in small, controlled
> quantities when a patient presents their license.
> One cancer patient said the ministry’s decision to offer the drug through
> the clinic was "a blessing," saying it prevents suffering patients from
> being driven to buy the drug illegally. The patient said more doctors and
> the Israel Cancer Association should be made aware of the therapeutic,
> pain-relieving benefits of marijuana, and not regard it solely as an
> undesirable and harmful illegal drug. A spokesman for the cancer
> association said it was true that the drug could reduce painful
> side-effects for some patients undergoing chemotherapy or other
> treatments, and the organization would consider adding information about
> this to its website.
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