Revive pot recommendation

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>> Newshawk: Madison NORML
>> Source: Eau Claire Leader Telegram
>> Pubdate: 14 December 2007
>> Author: Gary Storck
>> The Dec. 7 letter headlined "Tobacco a bigger danger than pot" makes
>> great sense in urging an end to marijuana prohibition.
>> An America where marijuana possession and distribution for personal use
>> was legal was actually envisioned 35 years ago in a report by a
>> Republican former Pennsylvania governor, Raymond Shafer, appointed by no
>> less than President Nixon to head his National Commission on Marijuana
>> and Drug Abuse. In 1972, the Shafer Commission recommended to Nixon and
>> Congress that the "possession of marijuana for personal use no longer be
>> an offense, (and that the) casual distribution of small amounts of
>> marijuana for no remuneration, or insignificant remuneration no longer
>> be an offense."
>> Although our leaders have yet to heed the Shafer Commission’s sensible
>> recommendations, it’s never too late to turn around and begin regulating
>> marijuana like we have long done with alcohol and tobacco.
>> A system of regulated sales would create a new tax revenue stream that
>> could help fund needed programs while eliminating expenditures in law
>> enforcement, the courts and the prison-probation system. It would also
>> create an entirely new legal industry with untold potential for job
>> creation and economic development.
>> In these days of economic uncertainty, unending war and global warming,
>> the lifting of marijuana prohibition would likely produce a collective
>> uplifting of our bruised and battered national spirit unseen since the
>> repeal of alcohol prohibition in 1933. Removing criminal penalties would
>> also allow the medical use of cannabis to reach its full potential,
>> reducing health care costs. Millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans
>> are already using marijuana today. It’s time to admit marijuana
>> prohibition has only made things worse, and bring America’s and
>> Wisconsin’s biggest cash crop above ground.
>> Director, Madison Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of
>> Marijuana Laws
>> Madison
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