Heaven has another angel today

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Date: 11/26/2007 3:54:29 PM
Subject: OPN: Heaven has another angel today
Heaven has another angel today

Eddy and I  became friends very quickly in LA at the NORML conference  I feel so bad for his loss… Linda is his best friend . I am sadden because I wont get to meet her and for the movement in general it is a huge loss.
Eddy had invited me to the ranch to meet his Linda I’m sorry I waited. Tomorrow is never promised to us.
This came from Treating yourself.com
It is with great sadness that I am writing to tell you all that a great shining light of compassion and freedom here in California has been snuffed out.

Linda Senti, wife of cannabis activist Eddy Lepp, passed from this world at 8 pm PST Sunday, November 25.

Linda was my closest confidant and friend in California, and although sad at her passing, I am happy she is no longer in pain from the cancer she has been fighting for decades.

Please pray for Linda, and especially Eddy Lepp. He needs all the support and love that we can offer so that he can continue fighting for OUR RIGHTS.

Both Eddy and Linda worked tirelessly for at least the last 20 years together on their vision. A vision that included personal freedom for everyone.

Praying for peace in this hard cold world,
~Chris Payaso

Tonya Davis 
Medical Cannabis Director
North Ohio NORML
Director of Patient Advocacy
Ohio Patient Network
State Director Ohio AAMC
The medical cannabis Action network

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