Get the Damn Republican’s and Democrats OUT of the WHITE HOUSE!

After much thought about it, I decided to go ahead and post this opinion.
I am not out to make anyone dislike me……NOR am I out to get anyone in particular to LIKE ME.
This is just my thoughts after six years of combing the “news channels” for INFORMATION.
I was not looking for their opinions on anything.  I just wanted (and still do) carefully researched
information……..about everything from birth to taxes, death and the “White House” influence over everyone.
I found too much death…….and taxes.  Even though they tell you that Bush’s administration has given
the most tax relief, I beg to differ because life in general is costing me more everyday.
Food, gas, medicines, medical care in general, daycare, entertainment, clothing, and any general necessity that
you can think of costs more now than it did during the “Clinton” Administration.
My personal opinion is that we must get rid of the “Republicans and Democrats” altogether.
They, for the most part, have given us a bad reputation and a reason to worry.  If we had an employee
like this, would we not dismiss them?
Until we do that, they will always be in our shadow.  Like a vicious cycle, coming around again.  According to an excerpt from the History Channel, as seen below, it shows that the Democrats and Republicans originated from the Whig party.  In other words, they are both “from the same roots”.
We have had essentially ONE government party running this country since the late 1860’s.  This has got to change if we are to save America.  The Bush “dynasty” has been around since the first quarter of the 20th century. Visit the websites and do the calculations. Then raise your voice to be heard so that we can get REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS out of the “White House”.
The Whig Party:one of the two dominant political parties in the U.S. from the mid-1830s to the mid-1850s. The party was formed about 1834 by members of the defunct National Republican party and others opposed to the policies of President Andrew Jackson. It was composed of many factions, united only in opposition to the Democratic party.
Southern Whig support for the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 convinced most northern Whigs to abandon the party, and by the end of that year it had essentially disbanded. Many voters who left the Whig organization initially joined the Know-Nothing party. Most northern Whigs, however, eventually joined the newly formed REPUBLICAN PARTY, (q.v.). In the South, most of the Whigs were absorbed by the Democratic party.

WHIG PARTY, [Internet]. The History Channel website; 2006 [cited 2006 Sep 26]. Available from:


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